Top Travel Gift Ideas for Kids (All Ages!)

Looking for holiday gift ideas for a traveler who loves tech? These are the top gift ideas that your tech-loving traveler actually wants this year. We’ve even added a few to our Christmas list! Which one is your favorite

Need gift ideas for a kid that travels with family or is generally curious about the world? Does your child long to explore? We are a traveling family and our parents and friends are always asking us for good gift ideas for our daughter. We figured if they were struggling with finding a gift she would love then you might be too.

Looking for something geared more toward adult travelers? We also created a holiday gift guide filled with gift ideas every traveler will love, a gift guide for women who travel, and gift ideas for tech-loving travelers.

The gift guide below is broken out in to ages ranging from the littlest traveling children to teenagers.

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Gifts for the Preschool Travelers

Ride On Suitcase

Preschoolers will love these adorable suitcases and you will love how much easier it is to get through the airport with your child. It’s also a great way to get kids excited about an upcoming adventure, trip to the grandparents house or just a long weekend away. With a ride on suitcase, strollers can take a break too (we actually never traveled with one) as little ones can rest their legs as they are wheeled between gates. Do these come in adult sizes?!?


Boogie Board

Nope, this is not the kind of boogie board you ride in the ocean waves. This is a super cool doodling pad. Our daughter has loved this for several years and what makes it more amazing is that it does not need power. Kids simply write on the pad using the enclosed pen and erase their masterpiece with the push of the button when they are ready to start again. We are still enjoying this as we are working on writing and math skills.


A Camera for Little Hands

Children love to imitate their parents and most travelers we know love to take photos when out exploring. Help the kids get in on the action with their very own camera. They can join in the family fun and capture the moment from their perspective. Who knows, maybe you’ll help inspire the next Ansel Adams.


Travel Inspired Books

One of the few things we travel with are well curated books and we love books that inspire our daughter’s love of adventure. Some of our favorites are:


Keep Little Minds Busy

Games and activities are a must when on the go with little ones. The issue is travelers must be careful what they pack as space is limited. We found these to be some of our favorite games to bring with us on the road when Eleanor was younger:


Gifts for School-Aged Kids who Love Exploring

Show Them Where They’ve Been

This scratch off mat is super cool and totally addicting. We caution that this should only be purchased for the family that is actually traveling the world as it could get discouraging (or super motivating to the right kid!) to only see a few of the countries scratched off. You’ve been warned. :)


Games For When They Need a Break from the Tablet

I’m not gonna lie, the tablet, Netflix and Amazon Prime have been amazing for long travel days. But, there comes a point when it’s been enough TV time for all of us. In those moments we love to break out some tried and true games like:


Pint-Sized Luggage

One tip travel experts swear by is letting your child pack their own suitcase. I say, that as long as there is some supervision, why not? They will feel more control over what they have on vacation and will get into the spirit of the trip more. The only thing better would be to put their stuff in a super cute perfectly sized suitcase!


Their Version of an Apple Watch

Traveling through multiple airports, trains, and busses, always makes us a bit nervous that we will get separated from our daughter. But, using a GPS enabled device like this watch has helped to lower our worries. Not only is this great for traveling, it’s useful when back home too. Just remember that it will need to have a monthly service to stay connected, but it only costs about $5.


Feed Their Curiosity with Age Appropriate Books

School-aged children between the ages of 6-10 love feeding their curiosity and these travel books do not disappoint. The World Travel book from Lonely Planet is a great place to start as is this darling book about how 7 different children live all around the world.


Travel Inspired Building Blocks

Legos have been the perfect travel toy for us. Since we are on the road for at least a year, we needed something that could grow with Eleanor and keep her busy for a long time. Legos are fantastic as they can be made into many different things and are awesome for her imagination. We love these travel inspired Legos for the budding adventurer.


Top Gifts for Tweens Who Travel

Keeping Memories Close to Heart

Keeping a travel journal is a great way for kids to remember the trips they experience. This travel journal has prompts for helping kids know what to write so they will not feel stuck. As they grow older and see different places in the world, they will enjoy being able to look back on their travel experiences and how they have changed over the years.


A Travel-Tested Backpack

Backpacks are the work horse of family travelers’ bags. They are super helpful when packing for the trip and great as daypacks when out exploring a new city. Give this traveling tween a bag they will actually like carrying around.


Adorable Headphones

Tween girls will love these adorable kitty cat headphones. They come in pink, purple, and aqua so you can choose which color they would like best. She’ll love how cute these are while watching her tablet on the long plane and train rides. Tween boys will prefer something a bit cooler, but still with stylish colors.


A US Parks Inspired Board Game

Are your tweens enthralled with US National Parks, nature, trees, and forest animals? If so, they will love this National Parks Board Game where they race across the country experiencing the wonders at each magnificent landscape. Designed to be both entertaining and educational the game features an interesting fact and gorgeous photograph on park cards that will encourage players to explore.


Interesting Books that will Inspire More Travel


If your tween missed out on the Harry Potter book series, now is the time to get them started on the set. The full set would make a great gift. If they’ve already worked through that series, the Lonely Planet Not for Parents Series is the perfect travel book for tween readers. They’ll love having books made just for them.


Games that will Make Them Giggle

Tweens love to be silly and these games are sure to get them laughing. Their family friendly so enjoying joining in on the fun.


Gift Ideas for Teen Travelers

Back up Power

You know what makes a sullen teenager more sullen? A dead phone. Really. Ever see a teenager when their phone is down to 2% batterie life? Get them this Power Bank so they never run out of that precious juice again.


A Camera for All Conditions

Help those bedding travel film makers work on their craft with the latest GoPro camera. It’s travel-tested, waterproof, pocket-sized, and definitely on their wish list if they do not have it yet.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

A super cool gift (albeit not cheap) would be the latest in noise-cancelling headphones. Help your teen enjoy their long haul flights, cross country train rides, and overnight bus trips with headphones that let them drown out their snoring seat mate.


Gift Cards

It’s no secret teens can be a challenge to shop for. Instead of getting them something the don’t really want, consider a gift card. You can also never go wrong with cash. This way they can get whatever their heart truly desires.


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