Monthly Goals: Starting a Blog from Scratch

How to start a travel blog from scratch. Follow along on the journey as I work my way through.

This post may seem totally off topic on a blog about family travel, but it is the essence behind the thing you are reading so please let me explain. I'm starting a new monthly series as a way to keep myself accountable and to set goals for 30 Day Locals. There are some really successful blogs in the world and if I can have an impact on helping other families achieve their dream of traveling, then I want to be one of those successful blogs too. 

That is not going to come quickly or easily and it is going to take a lot of work and effort on my part. The issue here is that it can be so discouraging when you are working alone (or with just your spouse) and things are not moving as quickly as you'd like. So, that is why I am starting this series. You will be my accountability group. 

It has been hard for me to ask for help in the past and while I would love to join a real-live accountability group, I have yet to meet my people - those with similar drive and at a reasonably similar place with our blogs. So, I will use this monthly series as a way to be transparent and show my goals and accomplishments (along with failures and mishaps) to the world. 

I've made the mistake of not showing the behind the scenes process before - you should have seen our apartment the week we were moving!! - and I do not want to do that again. My goal is to bring anyone who wants to on the whole journey with me. 

This monthly series will be updated during the first week of the month. It will tell you what we've been up to, if I hit my goals from the month before, how the blog is performing, and what I plan to implement the following month. I expect that the first few months will be pretty slow going, but am hoping things will pick up steam before too long. 

Now to give this update some structure. I am working through a blog course called the Elite Blog Academy. It is only open once a year so I do not believe you could join me on this adventure right now.

There are 12 units in the course and I am currently finishing up unit 4. Each unit has 3 assignments to complete. Due to copyright reasons, I will not detail each of the assignments, but the beginning has been about laying the foundation for the blog and now we are getting more into promotion. 

Along with the Elite Blog Academy (EBA), I am following a 10-hour time block strategy. This strategy claims that I will be able to write 2 posts each week along with editing, images, writing a newsletter, and working through EBA in only 10 hours per week. This is perfect because it means I should be able to wake up early and complete 2 hours of work on this blog before Eleanor is up for the day.

This 10 hour time blocking does not include the time we go out exploring in order to film and photograph our locations and what we are doing, but that is the fun stuff! This also does not include the time Brett uses to make our awesome travel videos. 

Here is where I am currently at on the blog and what I plan to measure over the course of this series.

Page Views (previous 30 days): 719 views (oh boy, do I have a long way to go!)

Social Media Follows: I’d love for you to follow me on your favorite social network. Simply click the links to go to our profiles.

  • Newsletter Signups: 14 subscribers

  • Pinterest: 176 follows / 9.1K monthly viewers

  • Instagram: 645 followers (this has been so much harder to grow than I thought it would be)

  • Facebook: 198 likes ( a big thank you to those of you who accepted my invitation last week)

  • Twitter: 918 followers

  • YouTube: 10 subscribers (we all start somewhere, right?)

  • LinkedIn: 865 connections (this is my personal account)

These are our baseline statistics as of September 15, 2018 and if I am totally honest, I am pretty terrified to push the publish button on this post. But, I am making a commitment to myself, to this blog, and to you.

Goals for the rest of September:

  1. Circle back to the Editorial Calendar Assignment and really stick to post deadlines

  2. Ask for feedback on the elevator pitch for 30 Day Locals

  3. Create a schedule for updating SEO on old posts and implement

  4. Prioritize the tasks in the networking assignment and complete 2 new ones

  5. Post our completed family travel videos to YouTube

Let’s start this off right by checking off item #2 on the list above. Please let me know what you think of my first go at our elevator pitch. This is based on the template through EBA, so please give me your honest feedback. I’d rather change something now and grow vs. getting a polite silence and having this blog fail. :)

“Have you dreamed of seeing the world, but think it’s not possible with kids? At my blog, 30 Day Locals, I write about family travel which often includes practical travel tips, advice when traveling with children, and off the beaten path ideas in top travel destinations.

I’ve found that so many families struggle with being told they can’t travel with young kids that they put off traveling until the kids are off to college. They’re missing out on amazing learning and bonding opportunities together!

That’s why my passion is showing families that international travel with your kids is awesome and totally doable. One thing my readers love most are the top tips in our destination posts. I think you’d really like them and I’d love for you to check them out.”

Thank you for motivating me to keep at it. I know there are lots of families who want to travel together, but don’t think it’s possible. If I can help these families take a vacation together to a new place, all the better and if I have to be a bit scared along the way…so be it.

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Do you want to write a travel blog? I did to so I started one. Learn what works and what doesn’t as I start my family travel blog from scratch. Tips and tricks from what resources I am using and how to start when it feels like everything has already been done.