Gift Ideas for Women who Love Travel

Holiday gift guide for women who love to travel. Help her enjoy seeing the world more with these awesome gifts. #holidaygifts #holiday #christmasgift #giftidea #giftguide

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While making our Holiday Gift Guide filled with gift ideas every traveler will love, we discovered lots of gift ideas perfect for female travelers. With these we decided to make another gift guide specifically for women who love to travel. Some of these will definitely be making an appearance on my Christmas list. We also have a list for families with great children’s gifts coming soon!

Travel Balms

Traveling can wreck havoc on your skin and sleep schedule. The dry air in the airplane and navigation of different terrains can dry out your skin causing chapped lips and cracked knuckles. And crossing multiple timezones can be difficult for even seasoned travelers.

These balm tubes from Smith’s will help her with several ailments. From keep her lips from chapping to moisturizing her skin, they will help her feel more beautiful. The bed balm is a nice natural way to indicate to her internal clock that it is time for sleep so adjusting to a new timezone will be easier. Travelers will love them both!


Compression Socks

Spending a lot of time on airplanes, puts travelers at an increased risk of blood clots. These compression socks come in many different colors so not only are they effective, but they are also cuter than most medical socks you’ll find. They may not be sexy or the new it thing, but your loved one will appreciate knowing you care about their health and safety (we’re looking at those of you who are parents). :) Having a pair of compression socks is perfect for those long-haul flights when movement is limited and this bright color will help make sure they get worn.


Great Weekender Bag

If your traveler’s mode is geared more toward weekend getaways or short jaunts, a weekender duffle bag is an awesome gift. This one from Hershel Supply Co. will ensure she is stylish from the moment she leaves until she gets home. And with plenty of room for clothing, makeup, toiletries, and a separate side pocket for shoes, it’s highly functional as well.


Taste the Flavors of the World

Before we started this year of traveling, I had a monthly subscription to Try the World. It was such a fun way to sample the flavors from a different country each month from the comfort of home. I loved being able to introduce the idea of different cultures, foods, and places to our daughter and we all loved tasting the various items. You can give anywhere from one month to a full year and your loved one will received a beautifully arranged box each month. Seriously, each box is a work of art and it was a complete joy to open each month.


Essential Oils

It’s no secret that traveling constantly puts you in contact with new people and thus germs from all over the world. Add to that being on the road, moving around a lot, and sometimes not getting the sleep you need - and you can see why a travelers immune system can be stressed at times. Essential oils can be a wonderful way to stay healthy and this compact set is great when you are away from home. Every Saje aromatherapy oil blend is 100% natural, vegan and contains no toxins, synthetics, fragrances, parabens or dyes so your loved one will appreciate the quality behind this product.


Portable Jewelry Box

Even though I do not consider myself someone who wears much jewelry, I do have a few pieces that have made it around the world with me. It’s time to upgrade from my current plastic baggy and I have added this travel jewelry organizer to my Christmas list this year. I am looking forward to having my things organized and not having to untangle my necklaces as we are trying to race out the door in the mornings. I like that this one is soft-sided instead of a hard box and that it looks wide enough for my more solid necklaces. The female traveler in your life is sure to enjoy it too.


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