Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers who Love Tech

Looking for holiday gift ideas for a traveler who loves tech? These are the top gift ideas that your tech-loving traveler actually wants this year. We’ve even added a few to our Christmas list! Which one is your favorite

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Looking for an awesome holiday gift for a traveler? This guide will give you lots of gift ideas for tech lovers who travel. Looking for something less techie? We also a holiday gift guide filled with gift ideas every traveler will love, and a gift guide for women who travel. We also have a list for families with great children’s gifts coming soon!

As a web developer, Brett is definitely the tech-loving traveler in our family. We have several of these items already and those that we do not own already are on our Christmas list.

A Drone for Stunning Overhead Images & Cool Selfies

You’ve seen the amazing photos taken from overhead or videos where the camera starts close and then zooms out from the subject. They are the cool thing now and the envy of travelers everywhere.

Sure you may not have the deep pockets to spring for this one (and if you do, please get in touch as we’d love to talk to you ;-)), but this one is a more reasonable gift price. Plus, we have read about a lot of people who have lost their first drone so maybe it’s not so bad to have a practice one and move up to the upgrade when more experienced.


Universal Adapter

Traveling generally involves spending time in several countries if you’re lucky. This is a super fun way to spend time, but the power outlets in each country can be different - even across Europe - making using American electronics difficult.

Travel adapters are super convenient and this one packs a punch in a small package. By removing or adding different blocks, the adapter morphs to fit into the correct power outlet no matter where you find yourself in the world.


Wallet to Protect Against ID Theft

Travel security is very important to us and we have written a post about how we keep our stuff safe. One item we use is an RFID wallet. This keeps our credit cards safe from card scanning technology when on the move as airports and train stations are at the biggest risk for this type of theft.

Brett prefers this minimalist one, but for those of you that have more traditional wallet tastes, this one might be a better fit.


Camera Stabilizer for Smooth Videos

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked about our gimbal when we’re out filming. It would have paid for this device! But seriously, we love our gimbal.

This small handheld device works with our smart phone to keep the camera stabilized when making travel videos. No more shaky home videos and it even makes our selfies easier to capture!


Keep Track of Your One Bag

The “one” bag is something we coined for our travel days. We keep our important items here so that we can pour most of our focus onto this bag. Yes, it would be terrible to lose any of our luggage, but as long as we have our “one” bag, we can get anything we need or have lost.

One way we add a pair of eyes to this bag is with our Tile. We have hidden a small Tile in the bag and it gives us another way to track it on our phones should something happen to the bag. These are great for travelers who misplace keys, phones, or other daily necessities. They can stop wasting time looking for them and track them down almost immediately with a push of a button.


Increase Storage for Those Awesome Selfies

Thanks to Google Photos, Spotify, and other cloud services, I rarely have issues with storage on my phone. However, on those days when we are shooting a lot of video or do not have access to the internet, it can be a BIG problem.

Having an external hard drive for each of our phones has come in handy more than once and we highly recommend having at least one. It would be awful to miss an awesome moment because your camera/phone storage was full.


Binge Watch TV From Anywhere

Even when traveling, binge watching your favorite shows can be just the thing you need to combat homesickness. It’s also nice for us when our daughter wants to watch something in English. We have added this to our wish list this year as we ran across them in some of our Airbnb rentals and loved the convenience.

This streaming stick is very small so it’s easy to pack. The remote will take up more space, but you can get the Roku remote app on your phone and control the Roku device as long as both are connected to the same wifi network.


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