Isla Magica and Agua Magica Review in Seville Spain

This is our Isla Magica review based on our visit while in Seville, Spain in June of 2018. 

If you are traveling to Seville, Spain with children, Isla Magica and Agua Magica should be on your list of places to visit. Our review will show you what the theme park is like, how much it costs, when to go, and what to see.

Generally, we do not travel for the purpose of visiting theme parks, but after we saw how much fun Eleanor had, we may be adding a few more to our travel plans. The leading 60-second video from our visit in June of 2018 will show you just a bit of how much fun we all had.

What you should pack for your day at Isla Magica:


What is the Isla Magica theme park like?

Honestly, we were not sure what to expect at Seville’s theme park as the reviews on TripAdvisor are mixed. But, I can say that we were pleasantly surprised. We purchased tickets for a hot Friday in June, the week before the public schools let out for the summer. 

Purchase tip: You can use your Hop on / Hop off tickets to score 25% off the box office ticket prices to Isla Magica. This discount still worked for us even though our bus tickets had been used earlier in the month.

In typical Spanish fashion, the park does not open until 11:00 am so we were able to be there when the gates opened. At first, I was nervous because we were surrounded by school groups, but once inside we found there was plenty of space for everyone. In fact, there were several times we were first in line for a ride and sometimes we were the only ones on the ride - something I’ve never experienced at another amusement park. 

The park is laid out with 6 themed areas giving you a glimpse back in time between the 16th and 17th centuries. 

What to See at Isla Magica

Map of the Isla Magica theme park

Map of the Isla Magica theme park

The day started with a ride on Los Bucaneros. This is a boat-like ride where you squirt water guns at the boats in front and behind you. It was a super fun way to start the day and really funny when the Australian family, that had been in the boat in front of us, apologized to us when getting off the ride for getting us wet. We didn’t care and had a blast. Getting hit with the water was all part of the experience.

Next we made our way to the log ride and pirate ship swing. Eleanor was a trooper, but not really fond of either one. Give her another year and I think she’ll be all about it. After all, she just turned 5 a week before our visit. 

We tamed down the rides after these two and spent some time on the children’s roller coaster, jumping frogs, bumper cars, and llamas. Yes, they have mechanical llamas that you ride around a track. As adults we felt ridiculous, but Eleanor liked it so much she asked to go on it again in the afternoon.

Continuing our adventure around the park we walked by the Amazon tidal wave ride and large rollercoaster before hopping on Los Toneles. These are like the teacups at Disneyland, but fashioned like empty rum and dynamite barrels; perfectly child-friendly…ha!

A little bit further and we were at the child splash-pad area. In all honesty, even though it was a super hot day, this splash pad area and the water rides at Isla Magica would have been enough to get us through the super hot day. However, we had promised Eleanor a waterpark so after spending time in the littler kids part of Isla Magica with the bumble bee ride, and caterpillar hop, we headed over to Agua Magica.

Visiting Agua Magica - the Water Park Inside the Theme Park

Based on our conversation when we entered, you can come an go between the parks, but we did not test this out. Aqua Magica was fun because Eleanor enjoyed it, but Brett and I favored Isla Magica. The lazy river was a nice start to the day and Eleanor enjoyed the kids slide area. However, the adults were not allowed to enter the water near these kid slides so Eleanor was more hesitant and didn’t have as much fun playing by herself. 

Next we checked out the bigger slides, but the height restrictions made these rides off-limits to Eleanor. For reference you have to be at lease 120 meters to ride these slides even though we found them to be very tame and they did not even exit to a large pool of water. Another point to note, you are not allowed to wear any jewelry (wedding rings included) on the waterslides or sunglasses in the pools. This was really tough because it was so sunny out on the day of our visit.

The afternoon was saved when we found the wave pool and sandy “beach”. Not sure there is anything our daughter loves more than playing in the sand. We could hardly pull her away, but as the water park closed, we headed back to Isla Magica. 

Finishing the Night in Isla Magica

We ate dinner overlooking the log ride, watched Spain take on Portugal in the opening rounds of the World Cup, rode a few favorite rides and called it a night around 10:00 pm. Sadly, we did not get to watch any of the shows. We had heard the pirate show was good and the horse show looked interesting from afar. Maybe if we return again. 

All in all, we highly recommend a visit to Isla Magica in Seville, Spain. 

Trip Details You Should Know

Cost of Entry:

Adults: 35 Euros at the Ticket Office

Children: 22 Euros at the Ticket Office

Aqua Magica: Additional 9 Euros per picket at the Ticket office

Discounts are available online, but tickets much be purchased at least one day in advance. 

Purchase Tip: You can save money by purchasing your tickets online, but they are only good for the day you selected. You can also save 25% off your tickets to Isla Magica by using your Hop on/Hop off bus ticket.

Hours of Operation:

Opens at 11:00 am, but closing time varies by month

Summer Months: Open everyday May 31 - Mid-September

Winter Months: Open weekends only from Mid-April to End of May and Mid-September to first week in November

Useful Reminders:

Jewelry of any kind is not allowed in Agua Magica. While you can rent a locker for your items, we recommend leaving your valuable items at home.

When to Go:

We’d recommend a visit in mid June. The weather was warm enough and public school was still in session. From our research, the last day for public schools in Seville is Friday of the 3rd full week. If you are not visiting in June, we recommend a visit mid-week and avoiding the weekend.