Our Stylish Airbnb Farm Stead in Perth


Having a baby has changed a few things for me. I used to be a planner. Our previous trips were always mapped out ahead of time. I knew where we would be staying, how long we would be there and the best way to get from point A to point B. There may or may not have been spreadsheets involved. I'll never tell. But, now that we have Eleanor, I just don't have the time I used to. She's very demanding of my attention and I often find myself at a new place scrambling to make sure we hit the must sees and dos before setting off to the next destination.

Thankfully, Brett has taken an interest in some of the planning - as was discovered in his 10-day driving tour of Scotland itinerary. One thing we did not plan ahead for very well in Scotland, however, was our lodging. We wanted to use Airbnb (sign up with this link and get $40 off your first stay) as much as possible as a way to live more like locals and hopefully save some money, but we had only stayed in two Airbnb rentals prior to our Scottish road trip. It added a layer of stress to a few of the nights, but worked out in the end.

I think it really helped that our first place in Perth was awesome. Our host, Nnena, was gracious and intriguing. We booked one of the two bedrooms she rents out in her home and it was our first time staying in a shared space. We were a bit apprehensive about booking a private room vs. the entire place, but took the leap because we could not find an entire rental in our price point. Turns out, our fears were unfounded as the second room was not booked for the two nights we stayed so we did not have to share the bathroom after all.

Beautiful Airbnb Rental in Perthshire Scotland
Beautiful Airbnb Rental in Perthshire Scotland

We are so happy we chose to stay with Nnena. She gave us great recommendations for things to do and see locally and let us settle in the first night. The next morning we got to talking and discovered she had sold her home in Edinburgh recently, even in a down market, because she had convinced production companies to use it as a filming location. What a smart marketing move!

Her life stories were entertaining and endearing. Brett and I stayed up much too late our second night there just chatting away about life with Nnena. She has two children who were not there during our stay so she loved that we had Eleanor with us too. This was a big concern for us as Eleanor was not sleeping very well around this time.

It also didn't hurt that her home is gorgeous. You can tell she enjoys interior design by how the rooms are put together. The style is bold and eclectic, but classic. Not sure I could pull off black bathroom walls in our future home, but in Nnena' s home, it works.

The beautifully appointed furniture coordinates perfectly throughout the house. It was interesting to see Nnena change the look of some of the rooms while we were there just to mix things up by rearranging furniture or changing out accessories. It's clear she has an eye for design.

Our third stay in an Airbnb rental was a complete success and we were reminded of why traveling is so great. It's not just about the new places you get to see. No, in the end your experience is made rich by the people you meet along the way. And with Nnena, we filled up our travel piggy bank with a good chunk of change.

So thank you Nnena for an amazing 2 days to start our Scottish adventures and thank you Airbnb for enabling us to find such cool people out in the world.

If you're ever near Perth, Scotland we highly recommend staying with Nnena in her beautiful home. But, even if you are not planning a trip to Scotland you can check out her blog, Nordic Black.