Let the Selling Begin: Less Stuff = More Travels


93 days. That’s all the time we have to sell our stuff.

So we’re looking at having almost everything gone by July 1st. If all goes well, we’ll be spending a couple of weeks with our families in Iowa and Arizona before setting out on our adventure. The current plan is to leave the States somewhere around July 15th. Of course we could not be more excited about the future, but there are so many items on our To Do list.

How do you pack it all into such a short timeframe? We want to sell most of our stuff online with the exception of family heirlooms and a few other key pieces for when our adventures end. The litmus test for us…if it won’t fit into a U-Haul U-Pack box it has to go. That and wanting to live minimally really helps as we’re sorting it all out.

The TV and living room full of furniture? Won’t fit. Bed, bed frame, and dresser? Gone. Dining tablebench, coffee table, DIY couch, and desks? We’ll build new ones. Knickknacks, pictures, vases, books? Bye bye.

I’ve made a list of items we’re selling and there are over 100 items on it! Worst part is that I haven’t listed all of the items we’re selling in our small attic. Plus it doesn’t include all the little sentimental things that no one else would want to buy. When did we accumulate that much stuff?

So how are we actually getting rid of it?

Craigslist Ah, the power of Craigslist! I absolutely love it for selling large items locally. Now, I know people have had bad experiences on the site. They receive a lot of spam email, have people contact them about trading items, or get stood up. Honestly, I have to say I have not really encountered many of these problems (knock on wood). The secret might be in what we’re selling. We stick to household goods for the most part and price things reasonably. In fact, we might underprice slightly. It might cost us a little bit, but it helps move things quickly.

Ebay We are using Ebay to sell our electronics and collectible items. These are higher priced and easy to ship across the States. We’ll have cameras, laptops, Hallmark ornaments, comic books, guitar pedals, and more!

Consignment For our name brand clothes I’ll take them to a local consignment shop. Hopefully they will take some items. Anything left over will be on it’s way to the thrift store. The first round of books was dropped of at the Boulder Bookstore. Their used book policy is super easy – I dropped off three boxes and a couple days later they had a check ready for me to pick up. We got $48.75 and didn’t have to sell them piece by piece. Any books they didn’t buy got donated automatically.

Garage Sales When it’s all said and done, there will be a ton of little stuff that just doesn’t fit into the above categories. For that we’ll need to have some garage sales. While Brett hates garage sales, I grew up having at least one a year. They’re not that bad and I can definitely get him on board when I make decent money – like we did this past fall when we brought in $225 for a couple weekend mornings.

So that’s the plan right now – sell, sell, sell! Have any tips? How do you sell your stuff online?