Welcome to 30 Day Locals – a blog about an American family discovering the world one month at a time.


We are Brett, Deanna and Eleanor and we are currently learning how locals live around the world. To show you what it’s like, we’re immersing ourselves in the culture: meeting the people, eating the food, maybe even learning the language (at least as much as can be learned in 30 days). Instead of hotels, we find apartments on AirBnB. Instead of eating out, we go to the grocery store and fix our own meals. Instead of rushing to see the sights, we take our time exploring the neighborhoods and talking to the people.

Upon the birth of our daughter, we realized we had not traveled as much as we had planned. While most of our friends were having babies, buying homes and settling down, we decided to ditch it all and take our lives on the road. So, just after her first birthday we sold most of what we owned and headed out to see the world.

After 6 months of travel, we took a break to regroup. You can read about our decision to stop traveling here and learn why we are back on the road now after a 3+ year gap.

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As business owners and freelancers, we are working along the way. Our skills include web application development, marketing, blog writing, proofreading, website design, newsletter creation, email campaigns, social media training, and strategic business planning. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes – from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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